WordPress Web Design

WordPress was originally developed to enhance personal blogs(web blogs) but has since evolved into a full content management system(CMS) for Websites. Today, WordPress is used on millions of Websites from personal blogs to Websites for fortune 500 companies.

Add new content in a jiffy

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS). What does that mean? This means that anyone can add pictures and text to their website with minimal technical knowledge. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log in and make changes to your website though an easy to use interface. Websites without a content management system typically would need to be updated by a professional since these types of Websites require specific software and programming skills.

Google loves WordPress

Google favors WordPress Websites. Why? First of all, search engine optimization relies upon content, and lots of it. WordPress allows you to build a large website quickly and easily. Adding new content with WordPress can be done much faster than other platforms or static HTML sites.

Also, Google favors sites with clean code and intuitive navigation. When Google finds a website, it will try to follow the navigation and index all files within the Website. However if the navigation is unusual or confusing, the search spider may not be able to find the deepest pages within this website so some of the pages won’t be indexed.

Because of WordPress’ reliable and intuitive navigation, spidering errors are highly unlikely.

In addition to designing WordPress Websites from the ground up, Spyder Byte Media can take your existing WordPress site and redesign it. Need a little freshening up?

Ok, so WordPress is old news to you. We don’t need to tell you how fabulous it is. Your Website has been built on WordPress for years now. The problem is it looks it’s age. Hey, when your clothes go out of style, you buy new ones. When your home needs updating you do so. When your WordPress site needs a new look, we can help. We take your existing WordPress Website and switch the template to one with more of a modern look. We also make sure all of your existing plug ins are up to date and provide any new plug ins that are required to improve your site’s performance.

If you are happy with your existing website content and just want to update the overall look and feel, this may be the perfect option for you.

SEO in Website Design

A good website design company knows that an appealing website is a goal that every web designer should strive for. They also know that unless it gets traffic it is a waste of money. Design and maintenance of the site with valuable content and keywords that are search engine optimized will be the key to search engines giving the pages a better page rank. This will drive potential customers and clients to the site. High ranking websites are perceived to be industry leaders by potential customers, so don’t let your competitors have this important business edge.

The Value of Cheap Website Design

Businesses who are looking for the best website designer the UK has to offer will take more than just the cost into consideration when looking for a company that offers cheap website design. The designer must be an expert in understanding the importance of SEO in the title and meta tags of each page. Images, too, should contain keywords relating to the business website to bring in even more traffic.

Every trick that a web designer learns in the creation of web pages pays off by targeting search engine traffic so that when a potential client enters a term into the search bar when looking for services, the chances of the website that they have created being among the first of the choice of options is increased.

How Search Engine Optimization in Web Design Benefits Your Website

Promoting the website with the use of SEO brings in new business and gives the company a better chance of closing a sale. When a potential client is looking for the product or service that your company offers, they will type a phrase into the search bar of their favorite search engine. They are rewarded by a list of pages that match the word or phrase. These are the keywords that should be used in the website design UK designers provide so that your page is brought to the attention of the person who is looking for information.

Tips for Finding the Right Web Design Company

· When looking for a web design company, find one that can create pages that stand out from those produced by other web designers so that visitors instantly recognize that your business is unique.

· Make sure that the web designer understands the industry that you are in so that specific visitors are targeted by the proper use of keywords for the best search engine optimization.

· The web page should be easy to use by the visitor so that a sale can be closed or a call to action followed.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, all of the tricks of the web design trade should be used and updated as necessary. Never miss out on a chance to attract a potential client. Put the website in front of a larger audience, after all, your business has invested a large portion of the marketing budget into its design. Getting more traffic to your website can be accomplished with proper attention to search engine optimization in every element of the web design.

Bespoke Website Design vs. Website Templates

Before launching websites, business owners always come to this cross road of dilemma on the nature of website that they should opt for their business. One option is to go for bespoke website design and the second option is to make use of readymade web design templates. Before embarking on your website launching project you should consider your options and make sure that you make the right choices.

When you are selecting one or the other for your website you must always take into consideration long term benefits because your website will be online for the entire life of your business. Therefore you should carefully review all the long term benefits in choosing a particular type of website.

When you make use of readymade templates to create your website, you will be able to launch your website fast. The overall cost in launching your website will also be relatively cheaper when compared to launching bespoke websites.

However, there are many other disadvantages in using readymade templates. When you use a readymade template you will have very limited options or scope for customizing your website to meet your specific needs. You will still need to hire a website design company to customize your website template to suit your needs. At times, customization costs will be much higher than launching a brand new bespoke website. On the other hand when you go for bespoke website design you will be able to decide very little aspect of your website right from colour scheme to the position of various website components. You can have a unique website designed for your business. When you make use of website templates, the same template can be sold to more than one customer resulting in similar websites on the web confusing your customers. You can save your business from such risks by using bespoke websites.

When you go for bespoke website design you can plan for future expansions as well. Even if you do not have enough budget to go for certain website features immediately, you can leave room for such expansions at a later stage. This will ensure that such changes are implemented at a cheaper price as you do not have to go for major modifications but just go for simple integration. This may not be possible with your website templates. When you want to change your website functionalities you may have to go for a complete overhaul of your website which can turnout to be very expensive on the long run.

As you can see you will be able to over come number of unnecessary problems by going for bespoke website designs. Hire a dependable website design company that charges nominal fee for website creation so that you will be able to get your bespoke website at a lower price. Hire a dependable website design UK company to get your bespoke website designed as there are many long term advantages in going for bespoke websites. You can project a very professional image with bespoke website design.

Create Your Online Identity with Cheap Web Design

Website design is an important process of creating an online identity for your business. A good web designer should have sufficient knowledge on search engine optimization to maximize utilization of web pages. A good website design should be able to attract visitors and make them stay for a longer period. The longer visitors stay on a site, the more likely they will take a required action.

While you do not need to have a fancy website design, you do need a professional looking and attractive website. Since your site may be the only outlet for online customers to know about your business and company, it should be able to reflect the theme of your business and appeal to your target customers as well.

A good looking website can boost your company’s image and create for you an enviable brand in your industry. That is why getting the best web designers is extremely important. A website design company will be of great help in coming up with a good website for your business. But this does not mean you have to pay a huge amount to enjoy the services offered by a web design company in the UK.

Before considering hiring the services of a website design company, here are some web design principles applied by good web design companies:

* Attractiveness: There is a saying that first impressions count. Good web design companies know this too well. They therefore make sure that their designs are attractive and good looking.
* Layout: It is not enough to have an attractive website. Good web designers go an extra mile to ensure that a website has all elements laid out well. They know where to place adverts, product and services, promotions, the shopping cart, etc. For example, web designers understand where to place your contact information so that it is easily accessible by visitors who may be interested in your business or the services you offer.
* Easy Navigation: A good website should be easy to get around. Simple and well structured sites with easy navigation features are more attractive than complicated websites. This is because they look cleaner and easier to navigate. Visitors will therefore enjoy using such sites. A good web design company will therefore take this feature into consideration.
* Graphics: We can’t talk about good web design features without touching on graphics. Graphics play a very critical role in the design and feel of websites. When it comes to graphics, the simpler the better. Website designs with simple graphics cost much less than those with complicated graphics. Again, websites with simpler graphics load faster as compared to ones with complicated graphics.
* Content: Any good web design company will be interested to know the kind of content clients will put on their website. If, from their professional point of view, they think your content is inappropriate they will advise accordingly. The fact is, you can have a good design but if your content is not good, your site visitors spend less time than you would expect.

Contrary to what most people think, you do not need a lot of money to have a good looking website. You can get cheap website designs which are as good looking as the world’s known popular brands. Remember, a cheap website will save you money. Remember, a cheap website will save you.