Advantages and Disadvantages Of CMS Based Websites

Most of the websites that you seen online today are CMS or content management based websites. CMS based websites are most widely preferred today by most website owners because of their advantages. This does not mean that they are totally without any disadvantages, there are certain pitfalls that need to be addressed before we can discuss the advantages of CMS based websites.

The major drawback is the search engine friendliness of the web pages. Content management system allows you to create your web pages on the fly. The problem however is the search engine friendliness of the URLs generated by the CMS systems. The URLs are generated automatically and they often have a lot of special characters in the URL which make things difficult for the search engines while they are crawling your website. Search engine bots skip web pages that have complicated URLs with too many special characters. So your website may not be fully indexed in such cases.

However, this problem can be addressed if your content management system comes with search engine friendly URL feature. Most of the CMS today come with this option. So remember to tell your website design company to enable this feature. If the URLs are complicated your website users too will find it hard to remember. If they want to visit one of the inner pages directly without having to visit the home page, they will not be able to remember the URL. By enabling search engine friendly URL you can address this problem.

Except for the above disadvantages, there are many advantages in CMS based websites which attract the users. You will be able to add, delete or edit pages as and when you like from the admin panel. You will not have to look for a web design company or a web designer when you need to add some additional information to one of your web pages or when you want to add a new service to your website. You can accomplish these actions in a matter of just few clicks. As long as you know how to work with a Word document, you can easily manage your website updates. This puts your website totally under your control. You will also save a lot of time and money as you do not have to worry about waiting upon your website designer to make minor changes.

When you are hiring your cheap website design service provider check with them whether your website is a CMS driven website and whether they will create a search engine friendly website including search engine friendly URLs. Work with the right companies to get professional quality websites designed. You must also check whether your website design company will use some CMS design templates or whether they will create a new design for your CMS website. It is always prudent to have all your questions asked before you hire your website design company rather than getting frustrated after you have hired them.