Create Amazing Content that People Want to Link to

Having an online business, or a website promoting your business is a great way to get noticed by thousands, if not millions, of people every day. The issue is, if you have nothing interesting to say then it is unlikely that people will want to link to your page, also known as sharing.

Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are brimming with people discussing links they have seen that are interesting, controversial, fresh or amusing and customers are much more likely to click on a website that has been recommended by their friends. The key to links is to create amazing content that people want to link to, which can be pretty easy if you know how.

Know your audience for optimum link backs

First and foremost you need to ask yourself who are you providing this content for? As with any marketing plan it is vital to have a good idea of the type of customer that you want to attract with what you have to say.

If you are a company providing goods and services to a mother and her baby then it is no good writing a blog about the latest Xbox 360 headset that allows you to talk to anyone whilst playing Call of Duty, unless you’ve found a niche audience of extremely young gamers.

For optimum link backs you need to find out what is truly important to your target market by asking yourself; why would they care and why would they then want to share your content?

People will be coming to your site because they want something solved, whether it’s because they need a product you sell or a service you offer. Think about the type of questions people ask you about that product or service, then answer it for them by using content that proves you are an expert in your field.

Go the extra mile with your content You could be writing some of the most interesting content in the World, but if it is displayed on the website as one long chunk of text then it is unlikely that most people will get past the second paragraph.

Splitting your text up with images or videos, that are relevant to what you are saying, is a great way of keeping people attentive and much more likely to continue reading. Copyright free images can be found on almost any subject using Flickr or Wikipedia, so there is no excuse not to add even a solitary picture to your content.

If there is a video that explains something you are trying to get across better then use it, people are likely to take things in easier if it is being shown to them in a video rather than in a large block of text. Think hard about what makes the content you look at yourself appealing; do you use the BBC news website instead of another news website because they have videos?

Does your favourite online magazine use a slide show of images to detail what each article is about? If the pictures or videos are unique and interesting then it’s likely that people will link your website solely for that reason, meaning more internet users are going to have access to your site and content.

Think outside of the box in terms of content

Take a look through websites that are similar to yours, what do they do and say? If everyone is saying a lot of the same thing then it’s likely to be old news and therefore nobody will care.

If you really want to drum up some excitement about your company then be slightly controversial. So most of your competitors are saying that The Shawshank Redemption is the best film ever made, spark debate by saying that in fact the best film ever made was Justin Bieber: Never say never! Okay, possibly not the best example, but you understand the gist; going against the grain will get people talking about that topic again, discussing and in turn sharing your links.

As long as you are keeping fresh and posting content that is relevant, then more and more people are going to be likely to want to read it. If you are sure it works with your company, add in a dash of humour (not advisable for funeral directors and other similar industries) as some of the most shared pages on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites tend to be funny. People enjoy a good laugh, so creating amazing content is easy with a sprinkle of comedy. If all else fails, then the second most shared content on social networks tends to be ‘cute stuff’ so add a picture of a kitten to your blog.

Getting people to link to your site can be an excellent way of marketing your business, without spending much money. Link building can increase brand awareness and sales, improve your placement on search engines and also gets your website indexed by Google more often meaning more and more people will see it still.

First you need to work out who you want your content to appeal to, why it would interest them and why they would then want to link back to your site. Once you have your set audience and an idea of content, it is important to go the extra mile with your piece.

Adding images and videos keep people interested and means they are much more likely to link others to your website. Finally, thinking outside the box can be the difference between one or two hundred people reading your content or thousands reading and sharing what you have to say. Become indispensable to your readers, teach them things they did not know and your website will be shared, saved, bookmarked and favourited by many for a long time to come.