Advertising in a bad economy

In a difficult economy, advertising is one of those operations that gets cut first.  It is often seen as an expense that can be dispensed with until things get better.  This can be a false economy though as businesses have to take advantage of every opportunity they can to get their name and their products out there.

Studies undertaken during the last two recessions in 1974-5 and 1981-2 showed that those companies who continued to advertise during that time experienced growth at an outstanding level as the economy recovered.

There are several cases for advertising, in any kind of economy, but especially in a difficult one.  Even though we are slowly coming out of recession, things are going to be difficult for a few years to come.  Spending money wisely is going to be the byword of almost everyone in the country for the foreseeable future.

The first, and to my mind, best reason to continue advertising during difficult times is that your competitors won’t be.  Chances are that they will cut their advertising budgets too, which is the perfect time for your company to fill the gap.  This works especially well for those companies who sell non-luxury items.  The public still needs to buy stuff they need.  If your presence is known, they are going to buy it from you.

Advertising agencies also know that it’s the marketing budgets that get cut.  Therefore they will fight tooth and nail for those clients who have money to spend.  Deals can be done, discounts can be had as well as extra expertise at no cost.  This might be the time to break into TV or radio advertising.  When the TV stations are losing ad revenue, and agencies are offering bigger and better deals for companies.

A difficult economy can also be a talking point for the advertising.  Don’t be afraid to address the difficulties directly.  We all talk about the recession and being short of money.  It is the ideal proposition for a product.  Offering it as a solution to a problem, at a discount, or highlighting its value compared to competitors is a great way of putting yourself in the view of a more frugal consumer.  Using words like “discount”, “bargain” and others will capture their attention like never before.

In smaller cities advertising is still important.  There is still enough local competition to make things difficult if you don’t have a comprehensive campaign in the works.  Continuing the campaigns during difficult times will set you up to reap the rewards during, but especially after the recovery.  Consumers will remember your company, and the fact that you “were there for them” during that time.  This can create brand loyalty of the kind that money simply can’t buy.

By being open minded, and willing to keep spending you may reap rewards larger than you ever expected.

Want SEO backlinks? Here’s how to get them

One of the most effective ways of generating traffic to your website is through use of SEO backlinks targeting highly searched phrases and keywords from highly ranked pages. These days, there are many providers who can create a customized report that will help you identify suitable keyword phrases relevant to your business, the Cast number of monthly searches as well as the competitive value of your keywords. Have all these factors into consideration because this will be the first order of business in your quest for SEO backlinks.

Your next step should involve sending requests to sites with high page rank in order to put links to their websites with your related keywords. You can also use online resources for this service in order to have your links added in just a couple of hours to improve your search engine ranking.

After this, you can look around for other options and send or request to get SEO backlinks coming from hundreds of websites to your site. The explanation behind this is to enable you to get links from a page with high rankings, exchange links or get high backlinks at no cost.
You can expect to see results in a couple of weeks once you’re done with this process. This is because search engines will recognize these high page ranked backlinks and then enhance your ranking for your related keyword phrases. Ultimately, the best key to success is to get high quality backlinks without link spamming forums and blogs.

Ideally, it is a good idea working alongside the web owner of the site you are interested in getting links from rather than trashing someone’s site with comment spammed links that lead to your website. Never forget that SEO links can be permanent inbound links to your site using targeted keyword phrases. Ensure that you do your homework in order to get a local SEO service provider that will develop your keyword report that will get the best searches with competitive monthly value.

The role of unique content in search engine optimization

In the world of entertainment, be it movies, TV, music or even books, fresh content and tunes are and will always be the fundamental key to success and growth. This basic fact is no different when it comes to your website and how search engines rank it. If you want your website to withstand the ever increasing competition in the internet arena then it must have new and unique content on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have ever wondered how search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing send robots round the clock to crawl the vast reaches of the internet looking for and indexing the latest and greatest content. These search engines prefer responding to new and updated content because they want to provide the best possible search result for users.

Due to this need for freshly updated content, you will always notice blogs getting higher ranking in search engines thus realize the benefit of increased traffic to your site. Of course blogs too have to properly configure their search engine optimization campaign. Because most of these sites use WordPress, they tend to be configured in such a way that is liked by Google and of course their updated content post, comments and feedback they receive is a big boost to their search engine rankings. Having a website whose content is not regularly updated will see itself becoming outdated and dry.

Other than being fresh, the other important factor that search engines look for when ranking your website is how you run search engine optimization of your site’s content. One best way to go about this is by use of relevant keywords in your content. If you want to achieve search engine ranking for a key phrase such as “Email marketing”, you need to make sure that you mention this phrase a number of times in your content so that search engines can associate this phrase with your website. However, be careful not to over do it as search engines will perceive this as an attempt at outsmarting them and may end up punishing you for this by simply assigning a low ranking to that particular page thereby hindering its ranking in the search engines.

It is important that you provide unique content. This means that there should never be duplicates of your content elsewhere online. Search engines are smart enough to notice this and if there are copies, you wouldn’t get a high ranking value as you would if your content were unique. There are two main benefits of having unique content: one is to ensure that your visitors are kept interested and returning to your site for more information, translating into increased traffic, and the other; to ensure that search engines will take notice of your site and reward you with higher rankings in the SERPs.

There is a thin line between pleasing the search engines and meeting the needs of human users hence you need to strike a balance between the two. You can consider hiring a search engine optimization company that will help you make the right decisions for your website and business.

Graphic Design

There is an overused cliché, “a picture paints a thousand words”. A cliché it may be, but it is also the truth. A good graphic or picture can turn a dull, lifeless website into an engaging and dynamic place to be.

It’s hard to imagine the web without images. It would be like going back in time to the birth of the internet when text was all you could see. It was great at the time, but not all nostalgia is good! The top websites of today employ a mixture of white space, readable text and strong, clean images to create the best page space possible.

Visitors don’t read websites, or really look at them until you grab their attention. In fact most visitors don’t even want to read your page, they just want to get where they’re going as quickly as possible. This is where good page and graphic design comes in. It can create a page and fill it with images that will grab a visitors attention and hold it. This gives you time for your text to interest, then hook them.

Graphic design permeates all walks of life. Every billboard, magazine cover, toothpaste tube or CD cover has had a designer work their magic in order to make it visually appealing. Good graphic design is both art and science, and the graphic designers with the Design Group are masters of their craft. The art side needs to design and create attention grabbing images to enhance the browsing experience. The science side needs to place those images within the overall page design to have maximum impact. It also needs to combine it with text and other features in order for it to lead the visitor on to your proposition. Depending on your company brand, product or service you can have a clean, rich or functional web design. They will all be beautiful to look at but will say very different things about your company. The choice you make should depend on what you want to say, and any existing brand image you have.

Graphic design is so much more than websites, and the Design Group offers a full range. So not only can we revolutionize your web presence, we can also create promotional features, leaflets, brochures and any other design related materials that a business may need.

Here are just some of the services offered Logo Design Stationery Design Website Design and PSD’s Business Cards Brochures Posters & Flyers Product Packages Website Interfaces Interfaces For Flash Sites Banners Newsletter Templates Photo Retouching Illustration GUI design

We can manage projects of any size and scope either in-house or with one of our studio partners. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Contact us for a free consultation and we can discuss your needs, and how we can exceed them!

Know your clients Requirements

Web design – know the clients requirement

How about a website which would please the client as well as the users? Interesting question, but tedious to work on! A web designer that works on Fort Lauderdale web Design is consideredan ideal designer if he or she is able to understand what the client is planning to give to the users. Since the website to be designed is for the users so the requirement of the customer is of prime importance and the owner of the website is the best judge of what idea that website is going to promote. So understanding the clients requirement will help in better web designing.

Know the client to have a great web design for the website

Whenever a designer is asked to work on web design for a particular individual or firm it becomes his foremost duty to know what the user and client is expecting so that the website is according to their needs. Talking directly or getting the questionnaire filled up from the client would be a good help. Some considerations to the questions that can be given a thought while designing
– A web designer must be clear of the fact why his or her client needs a website. So knowing the purpose and objective of the website is very important.
– One should try and get the information about what kind of business the client is dealing with so that the website is not opposite to what they are going to promote.
– They should clarify with the owner about his or her expectation from their website. It all depends on an individuals what do they require from their website.
– The web designer must clarify with the client about the users or the customers what the owner is trying to target or promote. Client must consider the age and location as well because it will help in fetching business.
– Designer must focus on the unique selling points of the owner so as to not only popularize but also should bring business targeting the potential customers.
– The brand name and the logo are also important while designing. People will tend to remember the brand name and logo mostly by its way of presentation.
– The Fort Lauderdale web Design preferences like the font, color, images and way of presentation of the website must be consulted with the owner because it is him who knows what exactly he needs and will please his or her users the most. The kind of color used and the symmetry followed in the website is the major aspect to get the users glued to the site. Adding loud colors that are too much bright makes the website look untidy and over masked up.
– The use of flash, images and videos should be made to make the website look creative as website containing only content make the users’ lose interest. Too many images and videos make the page heavy and it takes long time to open so carefully select the images and flash.
– A web design of the website must be such that it should be easily navigated by the users.
– The use of tag lines and heading makes the website look more appropriate.


A web design that is designed consulting the client will make the client and his users both satisfied. In fact pre- designing feedback will ease the task of the designer as well.

How To get Good Web Design Software

You do not necessarily need to have a degree in web design in order to make money by designing websites. Many people are exploiting the benefits of website design software to make thousands of dollars through publishing sites. Here are tips on how you can find the best web design software that will certainly work for you.

It is only in the internet where you will find tens of free trials as well as full version downloads of website design software. However, you will need to examine a wide range of available versions in order to determine what will work well for you.

Begin by checking out the operating system that you are running on your computer in order to find compatible software that will properly work on your computer.

You can look out for free download options first as this will help you save some money. Believe it or not, there are numerous great sites that will provide you with free software versions that will enable you to completely design and publish a full website. A little searching around is all you will need to get on the right path.

You can use the software you have settled on as frequently as you can to develop and post websites which you can later edit and change to receive greater results. You need to monitor all your changes as failure to do this could deny you the full revenue that your site is capable of generating for you. Always test on your changes to be sure that your website is being located by the search engines.

Exploit the freedom to create as many websites as you can benefit from. If you have mastered good designing skills, you may be able to begin attracting customers that need web developers. Small enterprises are always on the look to improve and generate more revenue. You can become a great designer using such software and easily make a great chunk of freelance bucks!

Try to be cost effective if you resort for the option of buying your own software. It is quite easy for you to spend hundreds of dollars on design software that would otherwise cost you less than $100. Do some shopping around to find the retailer with the best software version at the best pricing.

You have at your disposal just about all you need to use website design software. Consider shopping around to find software that has all or most of the features you will need to create exceptional websites. The software you settle on should be very basic and sufficiently user friendly.

Start designing straight away and you will certainly harvest profitable outcomes that will set you up for a great life.

How to communicate with your customers using social media

Customer service is an integral part of the success of any business in whether on or offline. Every consumer would have to know that the person in charge of a business can be contacted directly incase there are questions or any concerns. Consumers love it when there is an expert within reach. Most successful entrepreneurs are good communicators capable of responding to questions effectively and efficiently. You can showcase your knowledge to your audience by incorporating social media into your customer service routine.

So why use social media in communicating with your customers?

Social media is the easiest platform through which information (both good and bad) can go viral in a split second. With a simple click of a button, you can share information and content that you find interesting with the entire network. This means that if you create a post in your social media account, and someone in your network thinks that your post would benefit people in their network, then all they have to do is share your post. Through this, your content will not only reach the people in your network, but also the people networked with your followers. Suppose five people in your network share your content with 100 people in their networks, this means that your content will be shared by nearly 500 people out there! This is what viral marketing does. And as you can see, this is a very powerful marketing tool for your business.

Customer service through social media

You need to figure out how you are going to create the most relevant content that people will need and ultimately want to share with their networks. You also need to identify the key areas of necessary information that you will give to your followers. To realize these, you have to let your audience determine what they want to hear.

Make your social media account an interactive forum. Ask your followers and fans to contact you with questions and comments using their twitter and facebook accounts rather than through email and other methods. Through this, people in your network will be able to access the questions that you are being asked as well as your expert response to them. These are what make up the content that your network will want to share. At the same time, this will also enable you to avoid responding to common questions repeatedly.

Consider following these guidelines and use your social media account as an interactive forum through which your potential clients will notice your expertise and how helpful you are in your field. With this, you will certainly realize an increase in clientele and a better online reputation for your business.

Finding your niche keywords the right way

So exactly what is a niche? This is a smaller part of a market that is under served by supply of certain goods and services. So if you are considering getting into some sort of business, the perfect business for you to go for would be in a niche that isn’t getting much attention from other providers of goods and services. You certainly don’t want to get into a market that is already saturated with every kind of competition. You should consider going for something with plenty of customers and not enough products. This is the niche market for which you should find keywords. Basic economics should tell you that when demand is high and supply low then prices must rise.

In the traditional brick and mortar world, this might take the form of starting a business dealing in making desert pizza. In the online world, your niche will always be associated with a set of keywords or keyword phrases. So if you are considering getting into online marketing, you have to find a keyword niche.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use keywords to provide searchers with search results. If you type the term “Internet Marketing” in the search engine search box, then that becomes the keyword you are searching for. These days, a lot of such straight forward keywords are already very flooded with competition. Ranking a brand new website for such generic keywords as “Internet marketing” can be a very challenging task. This is why you need to think around getting your niche keywords. So for example, instead of seeking to rank for “Internet marketing” you might want to break in down and look at “Internet marketing for cosmetic home electronic products”

So how do you create ideas for good keyword niches? One approach involves going to and typing in a keyword such as Internet marketing or anything else you are interested in and before hitting the search button, you will notice that Google expands the search box to give your additional search suggestions. These are some other “Internet marketing” related keywords that people are searching for using this particular search engine. With this, you should have an idea of what makes up a popular search phrase.

Consider making a list of all these extra free keywords that Google is freely availing to you and then type each keyword in the search box individually with quotation marks around them. This will provide you with a number of pages featuring the keywords exactly as they are. You will notice that some keywords will yield millions of pages while others will only return a few thousands or hundreds. Work with the keywords that return the fewest possible pages because all of this is your potential competition.

This is how you can use Google to judge the competition profile of the keywords you intend on using. With this technique, you will be able to find less competitive keywords that you will effectively use to reach your niche market.