Remodeling Your Old Website

Do websites have a shelf life? Yes and no. They certainly need to be repackaged periodically. How frequently depends on the type of site and it’s purpose. A basic commercial website whose goal is fashionable sales (like clothing) needs to be refreshed often to keep up with the trends. However an informational site may only need sprucing up periodically.  It all depends on the purpose of the website. So when does a site need a remodel or maybe to be scrapped completely? When it isn’t doing it’s job effectively.

If  a website is not getting the response the owner feels it should be then it’s time to think of either having it remodeled or starting from scratch and having a new site created.  If the site has been created by the owner using a site building tool that comes with many hosting packages then a fresh start may be the answer. The “click and pull” method of website design is cheap, easy, popular and used by many individuals but the options are very limited. Most people at some point outgrow this method of interfacing through the internet. It just does not have the potential that a completely customizable site does. This type of site does have it’s uses. I recently put one together in a few minutes for a friend who has puppies for sale. Short term it will do the job. However if he wishes to start a kennel then a WordPress site would need to be considered.

If  you have created a “click and pull” site and it’s not getting the attention, views or repeat visitors then beginning from scratch should be considered. Much of the text and media can be used on the new site but put to use in a better or more creative way. There are just not enough options available for a completely customized site with  the “do it yourself” website builder programs.

There are two basic types of websites. The standard HTML site and a WordPress site. WordPress began as an open source program (free to anyone) for blogging but over the last few years it has evolved into a much more diverse system of programs. When the basic WordPress program is combined with any of the thousands of programs called plugins it becomes much more than a simple blogging program. WordPress has become the new way for even big companies to create sites specifically geared for their needs.

When a new WordPress site is created any of the existing components from the old site can be duplicated and the parts of the website that have shown to be effective can be kept. Text and pictures can normally be transferred and used in the creation of the new webpage should the owner choose this option. If the owner’s feelings are “Out with the old and in with the new!” there is no problem. The difference between taking the information from the old site and transferring it or putting up new information on the site is negligible.

But when is website creation considered a “remodel” and when is it considered a new site? If the site being replaced is a WordPress site then it is considered a remodel. If the site is an HTML and or “click and pull” site it will need to be done over and recreated from scratch.  So if you currently have a WordPress site and do not wish to change your web hosting company, the site will remain where it is and if all that is needed is for the site to be redesigned that is a remodel.  The bottom line is if you have a WordPress site and would like it redone that is a remodel.

If you do not know which type of site you currently have there are two ways to find out. One is to email me and ask, I really don’t mind. The second is to ask your current webmaster or hosting company. If you have information on the old site that you wish to use in a remodel or start from scratch site be sure and copy the info from your site before you allow it to be taken down, or if you would like to use our services contact us and let us do this chore for you.