Thoughts on Website Design

So you want to create a website? First, think about making a well designed website with quality content, before worrying about making money. If you prove that you “know your stuff” – that you’re a credible expert in your field – and spread the word using the online tools at your disposal, people will come. “If you build it, they will come.” I won’t go into specific details here about website design and how to generate website traffic, since the internet is constantly developing and changing. Just make sure to stick by ideas like what I have mentioned above and keep doing your research on trusted design principles, as well as new developments. It may be worthwhile to take up courses on marketing.

You also have to make sure that, if you have a product or service that you are selling, you have an excellent “sales flow” in place, whether it’s capturing e-mail addresses for an ongoing e-mail campaign, or getting leads to contact you directly for services, or going through your e-commerce site, or what have you. That way, you can make sure that your website traffic gets a return on investment (ROI). Just don’t forget to learn the principles of good salesmanship and marketing, to be successful. You have to make sure first that you know your products and/or services, and also to learn what your potential markets want.

It is very important, therefore, to get engaged wherever your potential customers are engaged, be it community fairs, local businesses, social media, and so on. While the principles of salesmanship and marketing shouldn’t be forgotten, people are too used to being sold too – junk mail gets tossed out, we usually “filter out” all the advertising background noise (such as when we are driving and listening to the radio), and so forth. As such, it is good to engage your customers directly, build rapport, let them come to you – and hopefully you will be able to build relationships with your customers, instead of just treating them like dollar signs.